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Sonoma Mediation
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Mediation is a method of resolving a dispute in which a neutral professional helps the parties settle their issues in a mutually respectful and satisfying manner. This approach can help you avoid lengthy and costly litigation (and trial), preserve personal relationships, and keep your information out of the public record.

Our goal at Pacific Mediation is to help people reach resolutions that each party can live with. We assist the parties in determining what they value most in an agreement, and help them to achieve those goals. Because the parties negotiate their own settlements on their own terms (with the assistance of the mediator), the results are more satisfactory, flexible and longer lasting. The parties control their own destiny.

Generally, the parties share information and collaborate to develop a "win-win" result. The mediator does not represent either party, and the parties can avoid going to court.


  • Mediation can provide a quicker, more cost effective and more satisfactory outcome than trying to ignore the problem or engaging in litigation.

  • While a lawsuit may take months, or even years, to resolve a dispute, mediation can be paced and scheduled according to the needs of the parties.

  • Mediation results in a higher likelihood of compliance with the agreement since parties are more likely to comply with a solution that they helped to develop.

  • Parties who mediate are more likely to enjoy a cordial relationship in the future, which is particularly important in disputes between family members, friends, employers/employees, landlords/tenants, business partners, and other relationships.

  • No party is forced to accept a solution that does not meet his or her interests and needs. The goal is to develop an outcome that comes as close as possible to a "win-win" agreement, each party receiving as much of what they seek as possible.

Pacific Mediation mediates disputes in the following communities (and more): Sonoma County, Sonoma, Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Cotati, Rohnert Park, San Francisco County, Marin County, San Rafael, Novato, Napa County, Napa, Yountville, St. Helena, Solano County, Vallejo, Fairfield, Vacaville, Alameda County, Oakland, Berkeley.